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Black Belt Stan Pineda


Martial Arts Philosophy

Train hard, respect your instructors and enjoy the journey


Why did you start training

I started training because I wanted to improve my health and fitness, but more importantly, I wanted to ensure that I would be able to defend myself in a confronting situation.


What has been your best moment in the Martial Arts

My best moment was the day that I graded to a 1st degree black belt, and having the opportunity to showcase my martial arts skills in front of my family and closest friends.


Favourite Pattern

I enjoy Choong-Mu Hyung. It is a challenging pattern, it has some fierce moves, and some impressive aerial techniques.


Favourite Sparring Technique

A good spinning technique with a lot of power and momentum behind it, such as reverse slapping kick and spinning heel kick. Something that will surprise an opponent!


Interests outside of Martial Arts

I love music, going on road trips and helping out at my local church.


Achievements in Martial Arts

Earning my 1st degree blackbelt in December 2014; and

The demonstration of patterns in special events such as school fetes and tournaments.

Black Belt Stan

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