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Instructor Keenan

Instructor Keenan Hesketh


Martial Arts Philosophy

Train Hard and Train lots


Why did you start training

My brother had been doing it for a couple of months and was really enjoying it. So he brought me along


What has been your best moment in the Martial Arts

The day i got to grade for my Black Belt and being able to have my father as a part of it


Favourite Pattern

Gae-Bek Hyung


Favourite Sparring Technique

Fake turning kick and slide in with a hooking kick


Interests outside of Martial Arts

Going to the gym, AFL  and movies (mostly martial art ones)

2016 ACT AMAC State Titles - First Place

Black Belt Points Sparring

Black Belt Points Contact Sparring


2016 Australian AMAC Titles

Xtreme Weapons - 1st Place

Black Belts Continuous Sparring - 3rd Place @keenan_nttkd

2015 ACT AMAC State Titles - First Place

Forms Traditional

Xtreme Weapons


2015 Australian AMAC Titles

State Team Forms - 1st Place

Xtreme Weapons - 2nd Place

2014 Australian AMAC Titles

Xtreme Weapons - 3rd Place

State Team Sparring - 2nd Place

2014 ACT AMAC State Titles - First Place

Xtreme Weapons


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