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Instructor Mick Hesketh


Martial Arts Philosophy

There is lots to learn and everyone has something to offer


Why did you start training

In 1979 a friend and I went to watch a martial arts movie called "Jaguar Lives". It starred Joe Lewis who is a great Martial Artist. We left the movie theatre with a plan and we both started training the very next week


What has been your best moment in the Martial Arts

It is hard to pick one, so I won't.

Being a part of my son Keenan's Black Belt grading was very special.

I have trained with exceptional Martial Artists, some who were famous and some not. But they all left their imprint on me for which I am grateful.

Thanks to the Martial Arts I have met the best people in my life, and I hope you get that opportunity as well


Favourite Pattern

Gae-Bek Hyung


Favourite Sparring Technique

Foot sweep followed up by a backfist. The attack goes from being very low to high, so it makes it harder to defend against


Interests outside of Martial Arts

I enjoy spending time with my family, watching my four talented children become wonderful adults

Instructor Mick

2015 Australian AMAC Titles

ACT State Coach




2014 Australian AMAC Titles

ACT State Coach - Adults



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