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Senior Instructor Mat Rose


Martial Arts Philosophy

Theres always a way to do something better


Why did you start training

I was drawn to martial arts at a young age I think as I realised that with this type of training you can become as good as you believe yourself to be. Martial Arts is different to team sports because your achievements are the results of your own hard work and perseverance and you can't rely on someone else to help carry you over the line. When I find something that challenges me I know its up to me to put in the work and effort to succeed, and that perseverance makes the success that much better.


What has been your best moment in the Martial Arts

I have been fortunate enough through my Taekwon-Do career to experience a lot of meaningful and special moments, from gradings and teaching, to competing, its hard to pick a favourite. One that stands out for me though would be when I won a competitive sparring match with a flying side kick to my opponents head. It was a uniquely Taekwon-Do technique that helped me to defeat an Opponent of another style and made me proud of my club where I had practised it.


Favourite Pattern

I honestly like all the patterns, they all have something to offer in teaching good basic control and useful combinations. My favourite at the moment is 2nd Grade Pattern Hwa Rang. but if you ask me again next week it will probably change!


Favourite Sparring Technique

Low to High Side piercing kick. a simple basic kick combination that can be difficult to block at times. very sneaky.


Interests outside of Martial Arts

More training! when I'm not in class I'm usually doing some other form of exercise to keep my self fit. I do enjoy loud music and spending time with my friends and family.

Senior Instructor Mat

2016 Australian AMAC Titles

Heavyweight Full Contact Sparring - 2nd Place

Black Belt Points Contact Sparring - 4th Place

2016 ACT AMAC State Titles - First Place

Forms Traditional

Black Belt Continuous Sparring


2014 Australian AMAC Titles

State Team Sparring - 2nd Place

State Team Forms - 2nd Place

2014 ACT AMAC State Titles

Forms Traditional - 3rd Place

Points Sparring - 3rd Place


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