Northside Traditonal Taekwon-Do (NTTKD)

Senior Instructor Michael Hardy


Martial Arts Philosophy

Whatever you do, do it well


Why did you start training

A girlfriend had a bad experience one day and wanted to learn a martial art for self-defence. I went to the first class with her to keep her company and the rest is history.


What has been your best moment in the Martial Arts

Watching so many students set themselves challenges and helping them reach those goals


Favourite Pattern

I do like Hwa Rang. Its the pattern just before you get your black belt. You are on the cusp of something new.


Favourite Sparring Technique

It has varied over time. At one stage I used a lot of spinning techniques in movement to confuse. More recently I have been using close-quarter hand techniques.


Interests outside of Martial Arts

Family is important. I am also on the Board for a charity that deals with homelesness issues, have done some photo portfolio's for models and made a few short films.


Achievements in Martial Arts

Started my martial arts training in 1986 and obtained my first black belt in 1988

Senior Instructor Michael

ACT NAS Competitions

2005 Runner Up - State Titles - Continuous Sparring

2007 Runner Up - State Titles - Veterans Continuous Sparring

2007 Champion - State Titles - Veterans Points Sparring




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