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Senior Instructor Steve Smith


Martial Arts Philosophy

Always remember and focus on the intent of what you do. How you train is how you will fight. If you really need to be able to defend yourself or your family, even if it is only once in your life, you would give anything at that time to have trained harder and have the skills to protect yourself and your family. Make training and awareness part of your every day life.


Why did you start training

I had been in some situations where I felt unsafe and unprepared and wanted to learn how to feel more confident and give myself a change if the worst happened. I had a friend who was doing Taekwon-Do, I liked the class and joined.


What has been your best moment in the Martial Arts

Helping others to learn and seeing others grow and develop. Helping everyone I train with to be a little bit better every training session. The lifelong friends you make.


Favourite Pattern

Any pattern that is done well and with focus on the intent. Even the most basic pattern is great when done well


Favourite Sparring Technique

Getting in close and using a rapid sequence of attacks the flow well together, particularly elbows and knees. In a street fight, anything that works - elbows, fingers in the eyes and biting, attacking in rapid fire, starting with the closest target.


Interests outside of Martial Arts

Spending time with my family, 4wding, camping and participating in motorsport. Socialising with friends.

Senior Instructor Steve

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